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An AI-powered service that recommends suitable medications based on patient's medical conditions and cross-checks them for adverse reactions.

The RxReasoner is a novel medical decision support system (DSS) able to check drug-to-drug and drug-to-disease interactions, suggested medications per disease and treatment posology, and produce personalized medication recommendations. In order to get accurate and reliable results, the system reuses case-specific information readily available within electronic health records (EHRs) such as symptoms, allergies, anthropometric characteristics etc.

By having physicians use RxReasoner on a day-to-day basis, we have recorded:

  • measurably improved patient outcomes (better decisions and fewer errors)
  • lower treatment costs (better suited medications, materials and operations)
  • improved physician productivity (less time spent on searching information).


Βενιζέλειο - Πανάνειο
Γ.Ν. Χανίων Ο Άγιος Γεώργιος
Γ.Ν. Ρεθύμνου
Γ. Ν. – Αγίου Νικολάου


Collaboration award: RxReasoner' groundwork is a research project between Ergobyte and the Information Technology Institute, CERTH. The team has been awarded for its successful collaboration during the development of the reasoning machine called "PANACEA".

First online version: The reasoner's drug-to-drug and drug-to-disease interaction checking feature was made available online at Galen Medicines, the most popular greek portal for all matters regarding human pharmacology.

Headstart: In June 2019, RxReasoner was selected among hundrends of applications to get support by EIT Health Headstart Programme. In the context of the project, the team will further develop the reasoner, while planning its next commercialization steps.

Bridgehead: The support by EIT Health continues in 2021 with the participation in the Bridgehead programme. It offers valuable services towards the expansion efforts of RxReasoner in the European market.

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