Research & Innovation



EPICENTRE, Subgrant, Ongoing

FluxHealth is a cutting-edge digital solution that harnesses the power of BPMN and a robust mobile health app to offer comprehensive and personalised guidance to patients throughout their care plans. During the “launch” phase of the EPICENTRE project, Ergobyte created its value proposition and prepared a video pitch, guided by experienced mentors and advisors.



Urban Tech, Subgrant, 3 months

Syrinxa is a clinical decision support tool that addresses a challenge related to injectable medicines in Estonia. Given that Ergobyte has long-standing experience in medical treatments management and codification, it will offer a novel solution to the problem.


InCareHeart PCP, Supply, 3 months

During the 1st phase of the project, the INCARENOVA consortium designed its solution for a comprehensive multidisciplinary and cross-organisational care and support model for people living with congestive heart failure (CHF). The proposal focused on early diagnosis of CHF, care plan and follow-up, and patient empowerment.


Data Mining on Galen Medicines

Innovation coupon, coordinated by Ergobyte, 12 months

The research project is about the implementation of data mining and machine learning techniques on Galen Medicines. It is carried out by Infolab, the Laboratory of Informatics in Economic Sciences of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The overall goal is to apply disruptive technologies on Galen's knowledge base and user log to derive real-time insights of the pharmaceutical market. More information are available at the project description.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union (ΕΕ), under the action "Innovation Vouchers for small, micro and medium-sized enterprises of the Region of Central Macedonia", under the framework of the Operational Program "Central Macedonia" 2014-2020.



National research project, Ongoing, 36 months

In collaboration with CERTH, University of Thessaly and three hospitals, we design and develop a clinical decision support system for smart, personalized and standardized electronic prescribing. More information about the project are available here.


Galen Reasoner

EIT Health Headstart, Subgrant, 12 months

During EIT Health Headstart, Ergobyte developed the English version of Galen Reasoner and made its first steps in the European market. Galen Reasoner is a novel clinical decision support tool able to provide real-time medication recommendations and run drug-to-drug and drug-to-disease interaction checks.



PERMIDES Project, Voucher, 3 months

In the context of two consultancy vouchers, Ergobyte applied its IT expertise in order to address the beneficiaries' challenges. The first consultancy project was about three-dimensional geometric reconstructions of tomographic and magnetic images and the second one about the infrastructure design of a pharma-oriented SME.



FINODEX project, Subgrant, 10 months

In the context of the project, the team developed CropDiagnosis, a web and mobile application that offers crop problem recognition, protection product recommendation and personalised application instructions. Throughout the project, Ergobyte lead the product from business and technical planning, to minimum viable product (MVP) development and, finally, to market launch. CropDiagnosis was in the top 10 startups of the programme.



National research project, coordinated by Ergobyte, 36 months

The research project "Panacea" developed an integrated system for the management and exploitation of health information at a semantic level. In particular, Ergobyte, in collaboration with the Centre for Research & Technology - Hellas (CERTH), built an intelligent recommendation system to effectively propose drug therapies to support and facilitate health professionals, ensuring faster and safer administration of drugs. Panacea makes use of Semantic Web technologies for the formal representation of the involved knowledge in order to provide automated inference.

By providing an integrated recommendation system for medical content data that supports all stages of development, verification and management of the involved semantic knowledge, the project Panacea helps healthacare organizations to achieve high levels of care, while promoting interoperability and integration of knowledge.

The project's results are commercially exploited at the RxReasoner medication decision support system.

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