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Galen Office

Attending to the patients' needs while simultaneously handling appointments, managing phone calls, creating treatment plans and ensuring that the practice runs smoothly can be challenging for a doctor. Galen Office helps automate a significant portion of the managerial and administrative tasks allowing the doctor to focus on things that matter the most. It is a fully integrated, cloud-based Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management System for private practices.

A Clinically Driven Solution

Galen Office has been designed with three things in mind; ease of use, adaptability to every physician's specific needs and overall convenience. The user can view and schedule appointments through a multi-view calendar, keep track of his tasks and finances, create and access patient health records and more, all in a simple to use interface.

No matter the setting, specialty, or size, Galen Office works for every single private practice. It comes preloaded with commonly used terminology, medical phrases, and forms but is highly customizable as well.

Optimized Operations. Enhanced Patient Experience.

Galen Office lives on the cloud, which means it is accessible via any web-enabled device - PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet. Any authorised member can log on and access appointments, notes and documents wherever they need it.

The system is set up swiftly, without installation. Automatic updates are pushed out and deployed regularly, without interruptions.

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