Research & Innovation


Being an outward-looking company, Ergobyte gives importance to research and development. Its vision is to foster eHealth innovation in order to support decision making, lower costs and increase automation. Ergobyte has coordinated nationally funded projects and participated in a number of European Commision supported projects.

Research in Information Technology is carried out simultaneously with other activities within Ergobyte. Through partnerships with research institutes and universities, a number of fields are explored:

  • Health knowledge representation
  • Anonymization of health records
  • Computer-based medical diagnosis
  • Machine learning and reasoning

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  • Research Fields
    Research and innovation have always been part of Ergobyte's corporate culture and continue to drive the growth of its business. Research is conducted in various fields of ICT and eHealth.
  • High Technology
    Over the years, Ergobyte has amassed code, data and knowhow. The latest developments in IT, such artificial intelligence, machine learning, semantic reasoning, etc, are readily used as needs demand.
  • Medication Decision Support
    A smart system that checks co-administration of substances against patient's medical condition in order to prevent human errors in the choice of medicaments.
  • Research Project "PrescIT"
    The project's goal is to develop, validate and disseminate a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) for safer electronic prescription.
  • Projects
  • Publications
    In the context of research projects that Ergobyte participates in, we publish articles and papers in respected international journals.
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