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Galen Medicines Celebrates 10 Years Online

19/3/2021: Ten years ago, Ergobyte’s core team released Galinos.gr, a comprehensive, up-to-date, online reference for all matters regarding human pharmacology in Greece. Today, Galen Medicines is highly valued by health professionals and patients, counting more than 50.000 visits daily.


2011: Version 1.0 of Galen Medicines, including 15.000 webpages, is released

2012: The medication cross-check goes online

2013: The online medical dictionary is published

2014: Food supplements are presented in Galen Medicines

2015: Galen Office, our all-in-one medical practice solution, is launched

2016: Galen API is published to allow third-party applications interface with it

2017: New, mobile-friendly version of Galinos.gr

2018: Database is updated with information from the national e-prescription system

2019: Website redesign: refreshed layout and improved navigation

2020: PresicIT - New research project for safer medication prescriptions

New Tool: Pregnancy and Lactation

In the context of the 10th anniversary celebration, Ergobyte announces the launch of a new decision support tool for medication use during pregnancy and lactation.

Drug administration during pregnancy or breastfeeding may cause congenital anatomic malformations or affect the intellectual, social, and functional development of a child. Nevertheless, in cases where medication use is inevitable, the physician needs all available data to make an informed decision, always taking into account the risk:benefit ratio. Galen Medicines new tool supports the decision making process by providing scientific clinical knowledge and related documentation regarding drug transfer across the placenta or into the breast milk for every medicament or active substance.

As we look to the past achievements and the challenges ahead, we want to pay tribute to everyone who has contributed to the development of Galen Medicines so far. This occasion not only affords us with an opportunity to proudly reflect on what Galen Medicines has accomplished, but also envision and build the strategies that will continue to drive its success.

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