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eHealth Forum 2017

Annual celebration of digital health innovation and advancement

25/10/2017: The eHealth Forum 2017 themed: "Promoting digital health integration for equal access and a sustainable future", hosted the Greece ecosystem meeting between the 19th and 24th of October 2017 at Technopolis City of Athens venue.

This annual celebration of digital health innovation and advancement comprised 6 main verticals outlined below:

  1. The Dhealth Conference held a series of presentations, panel discussions and workshops relevant to digital health policies, developments and outcomes.
  2. The Exhibition presented health tech developments and innovation initiatives by Greek companies.
  3. The Startup Garden brought together the best digital health startups, spin-offs and entrepreneurs with investors, accelerators and incubators.
  4. Healthy Smart Cities facilitated a higher inclusion of technological solutions by regional areas, municipalities and the State.
  5. IHIC 2017, the 17th International HL7 Interoperability Conference.
  6. Digital Health Literacy engaged young people by educating them on digital health and its impact on everyday lives.

Each element was interconnected and interdependent and most sections were open to the general public for free.

In cooperation with the Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece, Ergobyte participated in the exhibition and showcased its flagship product line, the Galen Platform. It has been an excellent opportunity for us to meet potential customers, discuss how we can serve them better and share our knowledge with other ehealth stakeholders.

eHealth Forum 2017

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