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Asclepius Cloud

There are multiple challenges in running a clinic or hospital efficiently. While patient care tops the list, there are factors such as administrative obligations, patient handling and document management that impact efficiency and profitability. Our modular solution Asclepius customizes all clinic/hospital requirements in order to serve their needs.

Asclepius is a Health Information System (HIS) that caters to all management and daily operation needs of healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics. In- and out-patient handling, material tracking, financial management, drug administration and document management are among the areas covered by this extensive enterprise information system.

Asclepius Hospital Pharmacy, a subset of Asclepius, targets exclusively the needs of in-hospital pharmacies. It helps pharmacists track the import and export of drugs and medical supplies, the dispensing of prescriptions, the tracking of narcotics, etc.

Asclepius first version was launched in 2007 as client-server model and it is currently redesigned in order to move to the cloud. Focusing on information integrity, decision support and simplicity, Asclepius Cloud will feature:

  • In- and out- patient management
  • Electronic Medical Record and e-prescription
  • Financials, billing and credit tracking
  • File management
  • Statistics and reporting