About Us


Ergobyte keeps step with the rapid evolution of information technology, especially what concerns application platforms, development tools and database servers. The scope of tools and languages that we can use for development is unlimited. Our talented team is always open to new researches and approaches in the IT world.

Ergobyte’s developers know how to adopt and ramp up emerging programming technologies quickly to execute the most ambitious projects and deliver the right results in terms of efficiency, performance, interoperability and user experience. With tools for collaborative development, functional testing, performance testing and performance monitoring across APIs, mobile, web and desktop, they create great applications by ensuring quality throughout every step of the lifecycle.


  • 500k SLOC
  • 70% Java
  • 20% JavaScript


  • ServoAS
  • Pantofle


  • Debian
  • XEN
  • Haproxy


Delivering complex web applications on time and on budget is a difficult engineering task. It requires thorough understanding of the product’s specific requirements and the system’s individual components. Each line of code helps realize the larger vision. In order to manage this complexity, a clear methodology is needed.

While it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the massive number of options when choosing a methodology, there is no absolute right answer. Keeping in mind that all chosen methods should be a help to the process and not create more complications, Ergobyte uses a “home grown” methodology which can be adopted to each project.

21, Aristotelous str.

Tel. (+30) 2310 288434
E-mail: info@ergobyte.gr