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Medication Decision Support

Ergobyte developed RxReasoner to improve prescriptions by preventing human errors in the choice of medicaments. It uses machine learning to check co-administration of substances against patient's medical condition and propose the appropriate medicine and dosage scheme.

RxReasoner comprises two tools: the Cross-check and the Recommender, which are publicly available at Thousands of physicians and pharmacists run checks at a daily basis. Moreover, being integrated with existing software solutions, such as EMRs and HISs, it provides doctors with guidance at the time they need it the most.

By having health professionals use RxReasoner on a day-to-day basis, we have recorded measurably improved patient outcomes, lower treatment costs, and increased physician efficiency.


The Research Project

During 2013-2015, in collaboration with the Information Technology Institute, Ergobyte developed a reasoning machine within the project PANACEA. The system is a combination of two technologies, business rule engines and semantic frameworks. The reasoner works on a medical knowledge base in order to produce accurate suggestions pertinent to the patient's data. Chronic diseases, current medication, past treatments, anthropometric parameters, allergies, etc are all taken into account for reaching the best possible recommendation.

Ergobyte and the Information Technology Institute have also been awarded in the contest called "COLLABORATE" for the development of the reasoning machine PANACEA. The contest was held during the 2nd Technology Forum and organized by the Association of Information Technology Companies in Northern Greece (SEPVE), Greek International Business Association (SEVE), Centre of Research and Technology Hellas, University of Macedonia, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, General Secretariat for Research and Technology and Alexander Innovation Zone.

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